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  • Occupazione:
  • Interessi: Exploration - Pushing boundaries
  • Sesso: Coppia eterosessuale
  • Data di nascita: 1966
  • Gruppo etnico: Bianco
  • Situazione personale: Relazione monogama
  • Attitudini sessuali: Eterosessuale
  • Fumatore/fumatrice: No
  • Altezza:
  • Corporatura: Magro


We are an older UK couple, both now over 50 years old, who have a fantasy. We like to talk about meeting a guy or guys to fuck me while my man watches. We are at the stage where we talk about this a lot but we are just considering for now.

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 - Dressed for sex
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  •  04/02/18
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 - Vibrator play after sex
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  •  26/01/18
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 - Come upstairs with me
  •   4K
  •  17/01/18
  •  69%
 - Vibrator play before sex
  •   3K
  •  07/01/18
  •  66%
 - Undressing for sex
  •   4K
  •  18/12/17
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 - Drunken finger play
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  •  07/12/17
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An update on our upcoming visit to York

 My man is downstairs making coffee and I am laid in bed feeling very excited. He finished work late last night. At intervals throughout the day he had messaged me regarding our overnight stay in York.

It started with a packing list;

Black Stockings 

Skin coloured stay up stockings 



Black lace panties 

Short dress

Mini skirt



He then explained that I had to dress with "easy access" in mind and told me he would reveal why this was necessary in his next messages. 

Later on he started to tell me his plans. 

3pm - check in at the hotel and he would lay on the bed watching me get ready. I am to wear thick black mascara, plenty of blue or green eyeshadow and lipstick of my choice. My hair is to be straightened. I am to choose a bra and thong. I can either wear a skirt and top or dress but whatever the choice is I have to go short. My heels will be high. 

He told me more was to follow and teased me further by sending me this;


Our planned trip to York

 The weekend starts soon and I can't wait! My man has been working away and is taking me to a hotel in York on Sunday. You may remember our last visit to a hotel when he stayed in the room and I went to a nearby bar on my own to try to chat up a stranger. Unfortunately there was a lack of talent and nothing to tempt me. The anticipation of finding a guy did give me a buzz and I was wet through by the time I wrapped my legs around my guy and we fucked.

This time could well be different as my fella has told me that "we'll leave less to chance". He has promised to text me with more details and I'm already tingling with excitement!

I'd like to thank all the yuvutu members that have commented on our posts and sent messages asking to meet us so they can fuck me. For now we are enjoying the thrill of the chase. It not knowing what will happen that is part of the fun - I think I'd find it difficult to turn down the right guy if the chance came along.

Look out for us in York on Sunday. It could be you....

Further updates to follow when my guy starts to reveal his plans to me.

Annmarie x

Annmarie is looking for a fuck

I am currently in a hotel room on my own. I have set a challenge for Annmarie who has just gone into the busy bar next door. I have given her 30 minutes to chat up a random  man. She looks amazing in her short dress, skin coloured stockings and high heeled boots.

She feels confident and has shown no sign of nerves. I am excited at the prospect of seeing her with another guy. How will I react? I am much more nervous than her!

I will keep you all updated.

Mr UK 


Merry Christmas

 We just wanted to say MERRY CHRISTMAS to all our yuvutu friends.

Plus a big THANK YOU to everyone that has given us a thumbs up, sent a message or left a comment on our uploads.

We've said it before - it's the sexy comments and the votes which make it all worthwhile.

Kisses and best wishes xx

100 Today!

 Ha ha! Not my birthday but today we have uploaded our 100th blog!

It's been an ambition to reach the three figure mark ever since we became yuvutu members just over eight months ago and that has now been achieved.

I would like to say a big THANKS from my man and myself to all our yuvutu friends who have read the stories and supported us. 

A big kiss to everyone who has given us a "thumbs up" and added comments - it's the positive feedback that keeps us coming back to this site so long may it continue.

I think we should celebrate with a picture XX

My birthday surprise - Final part

 The table turned slowly again. Without warning my soaking pussy was filled with the meat of big black cock. I knew that the guys were turning up the heat and i opened wide for the dick infront of me to fuck my mouth. Both men were pounding me and gradually they increased the pace. After a few minutes I could wait no longer and I exploded as cum shot up me at the same time. The hot, salty sensation of spunk filled my mouth within seconds.

Without pause the table turned and I spotted my husband eagerly filming the action. Another cock pushed deep inside me and I felt the other guys jizz oozing from my hole. My mouth was filled again and the guy in front of me held my head as he thrust into me from the front. Minutes later we were all cumming together and the table turned.

"More?" I was asked and I nodded like a puppy. I couldn't get enough of these studs and two more thick black penises started to pleasure me. More sperm shot deep inside me from both ends and the table turned. 

Cum was dripping from me and running down my chin and legs as the biggest cock of all entered me. I pushed my arse outwards to meet every last inch as another guy tapped the head of his manhood on my mouth and said "open wide".

My fourth orgasm followed after another good fucking. All four men had now deposited in both holes. One of them told me to sit up and I did. I was resting on my knees looking at four perfect men wanking while they looked at me. My husband continued to film as each one spunked on me. Their juices covered my face, hair, tits, pussy, legs... 

One by one the guys pulled on their boxer shorts and slipped back into their shirts. My dream sex session had ended and my birthday present was complete - I was a cum covered slut.

welshdave said:
Thanks for the vid comment.
wwlesegheww said:
Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you,
thank you, thank you for all the wonderful comments you give to my
wwlesegheww said:
hello, you have not written for more than a month. I miss your sexy
stories !!!
jamesandkim said:
Thank you for viewing and commenting on the photos. We like what you
are posting too. Sounds like we are at a similar stage in life.
wwlesegheww said:
we men masturbating, we want a new video of Annmarie !!! PLEASE !!!
wwlesegheww said:
Annmarie is an incredible woman. Always thank everyone for the
comments we make them, but we are the ones who have to thank her every
time she shows us her erotic beauty !!!
welshdave said:
Thanks for the accept. I look forward to seeing your next posts
welshdave said:
Hi. Thanks for your comment on my photo. I am glad you like it. I like
what i see here too.
quizz56 said:
Thanks a lot for the add your friends :-))
aiko1st said:
I will get some more, longer, videos up soon!
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