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Reaching a climax

 I guessed my husband would be waiting for me in the bar area of the hotel. I looked around and saw him looking me up and down like a dog looks at a juicy bone. I walked over to where he was sat and sat down opposite him and smiled. "I've booked a table in the resteraunt," he announced, "so you can tell me what you've been up too." "Lovely," I replied.

We took our time over our drinks and said very little. Both of us were horny as hell and we couldn't do the usual small talk when sex was all we could think of.

We sat at a table and ordered from the menu and I teased my man by saying, "I've had a lovely afternoon". During the course of the meal I revealed my naughty exploits at intervals. I finished by telling him in great detail how I'd felt the shape of a huge black cock and imagined how it would feel in my mouth. I continued to say how I was wondering how I could take it up my tight pussy as his thick middle finger slid into me.

My husband told me he was ready to explode right there and asked me to stop! I looked at the time and it was 9.45. It was time to reveal what was going to happen next.

I explained that my stud would be in the bar at 10 o'clock and gave my husband the choice of what to do next;

1 - I go alone into the bar and take him to the room so we can fuck

2 - We go into the bar together and ask him to join us in our room

3 - We go into the bar, kiss and fondle each other and show him what he could have had

I was so turned on that any option would do. If my black stud left I know that part of me would be relieved but a big part of me just wanted that cock in my holes. We got up to leave the table. "Let's go and see if he's there. I'm not ready to hand you over to him yet". It was the answer I wanted. The anticipation was overbearing as we approached the door to the hotel bar.

What happened next in York

 I needed to buy myself some time. Feeling the shape of his hard cock had really got my juices flowing and his expert fingers had me on the cusp of orgasm. I moved my lips slightly away from his and told him I needed to freshen up in the ladies room. Noticing a slight frown I rubbed his length and said "wait for me, big boy."

While I was in the toliet I thought about my man, all alone in the hotel. I checked our list to see if I'd completed the challenge;

4 - Kissed a man 

5 - Touched a man's cock 

6 - Had a man touch my pussy 

I imagined my husband's frustration, anticipation and thrill as I sent him a message;


I had a plan! Time to get back to my nameless black stud. I slid myself into the booth next to him. Our legs were together and I ran my fingers on his chest after popping open a button on his shirt. "I have to go now" I said, "but I might be all alone in a big hotel bed later". He asked why? "My husband had to return home earlier to sort out an issue with his son and ex-wife. He told me to meet him in the hotel at 8 and if he wasn't there by 10 he'd ring me as he wouldn't be coming." The guy kissed me again and his breathing was quickening, "I could come and check if you're ok later?" he asked. "That would be so kind, be in the hotel bar just before 10 and I'll be there, possibly on my own, possibly not. I'm going now so stay hard for me big boy." 

With that I stood up and walked to the door. After a short walk I entered the hotel reception with a devilish smile on my face.

Taking it to the next level

 I told the black guy to wait at the door for me as I needed the toilet. In truth it was to buy me a little more time to think. The wine had gone straight to my head and I needed to check my husband's checklist.

1 - Talked to a man 

2 - Touched a man 

3 - Talked about sex with a man 

So I needed to now get to 4, 5 and 6;

4 - Kissed a man 

5 - Touched a man's cock 

6 - Had a man touch my pussy

I thought about the poor young lad who thought he was going to have me and about the expectant guy waiting at the door. I wondered if they were both still there as I'd been thinking for quite a while?

Make your mind up time Annmarie!

I walked out of the toilet, glanced at the young lad who looked like he was ready to cry and strode to the door and walked into the street. The sun was behind my waiting stud and his silhouette sent a sensation straight into my vagina. 

He grabbed my hand and took me across the road to a classy wine bar with dim lighting. We went straight over to a booth in the corner. As we walked over he nodded to the waitress and asked for two cocktails without asking me. This guy had a confidence which bordered on arrogance but I was being swept along and felt a sexual charge running through my body. 

The drinks came and he turned to me. I was sat between him and the wall. His lips were on mine within a second and I greedily pushed my tongue onto his. My left hand found his erection. His cock had swelled and felt huge, even underneath his trousers. His right hand slid up my skirt and he expertly moved my thong to the side, parted my pussy lips and slid his middle finger inside my wet hole. 

This was unbelievable! A stranger I'd met less than an hour ago was fingering me in a crowded bar! 

Things get exciting in York

 The young guy had been a nervous wreck. His hand shook as he handed me a glass of wine. He blushed again as he stuttered a compliment that sounded like "You're sexy". I asked him if he'd experience sex with an older woman and he shook his head. I asked him if he'd like to and he nodded.

I excused myself while I discreetly checked my list given to me by my husband;

1 - Talked to a man 

2 - Touched a man

3 - Talked about sex with a man 

I sent him a text;

3 x

I faced the young lad at the bar and caught him staring at my tits. I smiled at him as he looked away. He was so shy!

What happened next took me by surprise as a hand touched my shoulder and encouraged me to turn around. I turned to face a good looking black guy with a confident grin revealing pearly, white teeth. "You'll eat him alive. Drink up and come with me." My mind went into overdrive, I looked at the nervous youth who was just looking down at his shoelaces. I looked at the experienced, confident guy who smiled at me wickedly.

I lifted the wine glass to my mouth and drained it, popped it on the bar and said to the guy, "Come on then. I'm all yours."

What happened in the bar in York

 Finally... an update!

So I had gone into the nearest bar to our hotel. I was alone. I was dressed in a white blouse which showed my cleavage to the maximum, a black skirt which was as short as I dared to wear and black patent leather high heels with black stockings finished the slutty look off.

I looked around to see a group of middle aged men watching football on tv and four young guys playing pool and sipping bottled beers. I sat at the bar with crossed legs and checked out the male talent. 

After just a few minutes I was aware that a young lad at the pool table was checking me out. His eyes had hardly drifted from my body since I'd sat down. I walked towards him with a smile on my face, brushed past him and sat at a table just a few yards from him.

It was his turn to take a shot at pool. He lined up the ball and I was sat directly in his vision. I rubbed my leg gently with my hand and watched his face go pink. He played his shot and was walking past me when I stroked his arm. As he looked at me I said "Hi". He half smiled and nervously said "Hello". 

He looked at my empty glass and asked if he could buy me a drink. "That is so sweet of you", I said "I'll meet you at the bar in a minute". 

I discreetly checked my husband's codes that he had asked me to communicate with.

1 - Talked to a man

2 - Touched a man 

3 - Talked about sex with a man

4 - Kissed a man

5 - Touched a man's cock 

6 - Had a man touch my pussy 

I sent my husband a text;

1 x

I sent him another

2 x

I thought about how hard my guy would be right now and got up to try to achieve 3 to 6

More plans revealed

 Before we left for the hotel my guy revealed more of his plans for me. He would lay on the bed and watch as I got ready. He would watch me apply my make up and attend to my hair. I know how turned on he gets watching me put on my underwear and stockings. The high heels would go on last.

So this was the plan; I would leave the hotel alone and go into a bar. There should be plenty of male talent as there was a football match on the television. If there wasn't anyone suitable I'd move to the next bar and then the next until I found a guy I wanted. 

I would tell the stranger that I was out alone because my partner was dealing with a problem involving his son. I would tell him which hotel I was in and also say that I could possibly be alone all night. The final thing I had to do was to get the guy to be in the hotel bar at 10pm to check if I was alone or not.

I would communicate with my man by text only and just send him a number each time. The number would tell him my progress as follows;

1 - Talked to a man

2 - Touched a man

3 - Talked about sex with a man

4 - Kissed a man

5 - Touched a man's cock 

6 - Had a man touch my pussy

I could not wait. I was so horny!

An update on our upcoming visit to York

 My man is downstairs making coffee and I am laid in bed feeling very excited. He finished work late last night. At intervals throughout the day he had messaged me regarding our overnight stay in York.

It started with a packing list;

Black Stockings 

Skin coloured stay up stockings 



Black lace panties 

Short dress

Mini skirt



He then explained that I had to dress with "easy access" in mind and told me he would reveal why this was necessary in his next messages. 

Later on he started to tell me his plans. 

3pm - check in at the hotel and he would lay on the bed watching me get ready. I am to wear thick black mascara, plenty of blue or green eyeshadow and lipstick of my choice. My hair is to be straightened. I am to choose a bra and thong. I can either wear a skirt and top or dress but whatever the choice is I have to go short. My heels will be high. 

He told me more was to follow and teased me further by sending me this;


Our planned trip to York

 The weekend starts soon and I can't wait! My man has been working away and is taking me to a hotel in York on Sunday. You may remember our last visit to a hotel when he stayed in the room and I went to a nearby bar on my own to try to chat up a stranger. Unfortunately there was a lack of talent and nothing to tempt me. The anticipation of finding a guy did give me a buzz and I was wet through by the time I wrapped my legs around my guy and we fucked.

This time could well be different as my fella has told me that "we'll leave less to chance". He has promised to text me with more details and I'm already tingling with excitement!

I'd like to thank all the yuvutu members that have commented on our posts and sent messages asking to meet us so they can fuck me. For now we are enjoying the thrill of the chase. It not knowing what will happen that is part of the fun - I think I'd find it difficult to turn down the right guy if the chance came along.

Look out for us in York on Sunday. It could be you....

Further updates to follow when my guy starts to reveal his plans to me.

Annmarie x

Annmarie is looking for a fuck

I am currently in a hotel room on my own. I have set a challenge for Annmarie who has just gone into the busy bar next door. I have given her 30 minutes to chat up a random  man. She looks amazing in her short dress, skin coloured stockings and high heeled boots.

She feels confident and has shown no sign of nerves. I am excited at the prospect of seeing her with another guy. How will I react? I am much more nervous than her!

I will keep you all updated.

Mr UK 


Merry Christmas

 We just wanted to say MERRY CHRISTMAS to all our yuvutu friends.

Plus a big THANK YOU to everyone that has given us a thumbs up, sent a message or left a comment on our uploads.

We've said it before - it's the sexy comments and the votes which make it all worthwhile.

Kisses and best wishes xx

100 Today!

 Ha ha! Not my birthday but today we have uploaded our 100th blog!

It's been an ambition to reach the three figure mark ever since we became yuvutu members just over eight months ago and that has now been achieved.

I would like to say a big THANKS from my man and myself to all our yuvutu friends who have read the stories and supported us. 

A big kiss to everyone who has given us a "thumbs up" and added comments - it's the positive feedback that keeps us coming back to this site so long may it continue.

I think we should celebrate with a picture XX

My birthday surprise - Final part

 The table turned slowly again. Without warning my soaking pussy was filled with the meat of big black cock. I knew that the guys were turning up the heat and i opened wide for the dick infront of me to fuck my mouth. Both men were pounding me and gradually they increased the pace. After a few minutes I could wait no longer and I exploded as cum shot up me at the same time. The hot, salty sensation of spunk filled my mouth within seconds.

Without pause the table turned and I spotted my husband eagerly filming the action. Another cock pushed deep inside me and I felt the other guys jizz oozing from my hole. My mouth was filled again and the guy in front of me held my head as he thrust into me from the front. Minutes later we were all cumming together and the table turned.

"More?" I was asked and I nodded like a puppy. I couldn't get enough of these studs and two more thick black penises started to pleasure me. More sperm shot deep inside me from both ends and the table turned. 

Cum was dripping from me and running down my chin and legs as the biggest cock of all entered me. I pushed my arse outwards to meet every last inch as another guy tapped the head of his manhood on my mouth and said "open wide".

My fourth orgasm followed after another good fucking. All four men had now deposited in both holes. One of them told me to sit up and I did. I was resting on my knees looking at four perfect men wanking while they looked at me. My husband continued to film as each one spunked on me. Their juices covered my face, hair, tits, pussy, legs... 

One by one the guys pulled on their boxer shorts and slipped back into their shirts. My dream sex session had ended and my birthday present was complete - I was a cum covered slut.

My birthday surprise - Part *****

 The big black cock almost choked me! My mouth was filled to capacity and I was soon sucking away hungrily. The guy behind had his tongue inside the opening of my arse. His tongue had moves around my hole in a circular motion but it was now plunging deep inside me. For a brief moment I thought about my husband who would be eagerly filming me being fucked up the bum by this wonderful tongue.

The turntable slowly began to rotate and I had no choice other than to let the dick slide out of my mouth. The tongue slipped out of my arse at the same time but another cock was ready for me. This time my husband was there film from the front and I gave him eye contact as the second monster cock was pushed into my mouth. A finger went inside my soaking pussy, then another and then a third. I wanted to taste cum and I moved my head more quickly to wank the cock which was at the back of my throat. 

I was close to orgasm when the table turned again. Clearly all four dicks were going in my mouth in turn. The man behind was flicking my clit with his middle finger but this time the one infront chose to wank in my face. My tongue occasionally catching a lick. I was desperate for cock. Again I was close to exploding when the table turned and the action paused. 

I saw the longest cock of the four infront of me and the guy held it up and told me to lick its length. Meanwhile two big hands parted my legs to expose my gaping pussy. A tongue lucked my soaking hole. It clearly wanted my love juice and worked on me greedily. I was seconds away from orgasm when the tongue moved away from me.

My birthday surprise - Part twelve

 I heard one of the men open the door to the studio. As I was carried upstairs, a mask had been put on me, "Just for now". I was gently put to the floor and heard a quick exchange of greerings between my husband and my new friends. One of the men had told him to get ready to start filming.

I felt my zip travel down my back and at the same time a hand was undoing my ankle strap on one of my shoes. My other leg was held off the floor and my shoe was being taken off. I was being stripped bare by the guys. Dress and stockings were next so I was down to my underwear. Strong arms removed my bra and I knew my nipples were stood to attention. I felt hot breath on my pussy as I was lifted on to the heavy turntable. I was positioned on all fours and the velvet cloth felt plush and smooth on my hands and knees.

There was a short pause as I waited, positioned doggy style. A hand removed my mask and a long black penis pointed at my face. From behind I felt a dribble making its way from the top of my arse to my rim. A tongue helped the spit in its way down.

I could wait to longer and I opened my mouth to take the huge black cock in front of me. The tongue from behind me licked the rim of my arse and I wondered if all four big black cocks were ready to explode for me tonight. I was hungry for cum!

My birthday surprise - Part eleven

 There were a few butterflies in my stomach as I walked over to the small bar. All the guys crowded around me and wished me a happy birthday. One guy remained behind the bar and fixed me an exotic looking cocktail while the other guys wished me a happy birthday and took turns to kiss my cheeks and compliment my appearance.

A hand held a welcome drink in front of me and now all four men where around my barstool and within touching distance. It was a sea of black flesh and pearly white smiles. My barman had his hand on my thigh as he asked how the drink was? "Perfect" I said with a slightly nervous chuckle. "You've got a dirty laugh girl!" said one of the fellas. "So I've been told", I replied.

I finished the drink quickly and asked for politely asked for another one. I was beginning to relax and looked at the nearest man to me. I lifted his loose linen shirt and looked at the bulge that was packed into his black boxer shorts. I caressed his thigh and the words just came out unexpectedly... "Do you all have really big cocks then?" There was some laughter as one of them replied, "You asked for four big black cocks and that's what you're getting, baby."

I was getting more horny with each passing second but didnt want my husband to miss any of the action. I asked each of them to stand infront of me in turn. The barstool gave me a perfect eyelevel view of them. Each one seemed packed to burst and I tried to visualise the cocks in turn. The guys were touching my arms and legs with increased regularity and I felt moisture between my legs.

"Take me to the table now please, boys." I could wait no longer. The biggest of them held his arms out and I fell into them. He swept me up with impressive strength and carried me out of the room like a father would cradle a baby. I stared up at him longingly. I was ready to allow these four black men do whatever they wanted to me.

My birthday surprise - Part ten

 The snooze had revitalised me. My attentive husband was thinking of everything to make sure I had nothing to worry about on my birthday. He had even prepared me a nice bubble bath so I could have a soak after eating my sandwiches. 

I didn't spend too long in the bath as I wanted to spend time on my makeup. I had selected my outfit to wear already - I wanted to look my best for my quadrouple date. My mascara was thickly applied to my long eyelashes and I went for my preferred green eyeshadow. I imagined my mouth engulfing black dicks and chose to apply bright red lipstick. My shoulderless black dress was low cut and my red bra pushed my ample breasts together and upwards. My thong matched the colour of the bra and shiny stay up stockings finished the outfit except for the shoes. I tried on my cream shiny heels but decided on my red heels with the ankle strap thinking they'd look good on camera.

It was time to go downstairs. My husband held me at arms length and told me that I looked gorgeous. We walked to the lift and this is where we were to go our seperate ways. "I'll see you shortly", I told him. "I'll join you in the studio with the guys, just give me an hour so I can have a drink and get to know them."

My husband had nodded and hugged me and I'd felt his eyes on my body all the way to the lift. When the doors opened I had to concentrate on the short walk to the bar area as I'd chosen to wear the highest heels that I owned!

As I got nearer I could hear chat, laughter and a Motown tune coming from the jukebox. I opened the door to walk into a sight I will never forget. Four tall, dark and handsome guys waiting for me - JUST me! 

Two guys were behind the bar, one on a barstool and the other one was selecting songs at the jukebox. All of them wore white, loose fitting shirts and black boxer shorts only. "Hey birthday girl!", said the guy at the bar, "come and sit down". 

As i walked over to the barstool I thought to myself - so this is what heaven is like!

My birthday surprise - Part nine

 I saw the house in the near distance through a clearing in the woods. Walking across the lawned areas I could feel the strong on my naked areas - pretty much my whole body from my knees upwards. I still got the occasional taste of spunk as it ran down my face and hit my lips. Where was my man?

I knocked on the heavy wooden door and a voice came from behind me. "What have we got here?" said my husband and we both smiled from ear to ear. He opened the door and held it open for me and we went straight to the lift without exchanging any words.

Once we were in the room he kissed me and asked if I'd had a nice time. "It was amazing!" I replied and asked what he had been doing. "Watching all the action and wanking in the woods" he said and we both laughed again. 

I took a long, hot shower and my guy joined me. I washed all the cum from my hair and body and we kissed each other tenderly. After drying myself I collapsed on the bed and within seconds I was *****...

The next thing I knew I was being woke up by my man holding a tray of sandwiches. He had also brought a fresh pot of tea. "Thought you might fancy a light tea", he said, "seeing as you've got a big night ahead!"

I smiled as it suddenly struck me. It was nearly time for my  main birthday present - four big black cocks.

My birthday surprise - Part eight

 His cock responded to my tongue. I felt it harden as I lifted it to lick the shaft from bottom to top. I was fascinated with it thickness and hungry for the mystery man's spunk. I widened my mouth and inched forward as his meat filled me to capacity. I moved my head slowly and rhythmically - forwards, backwards, forwards, backwards.

I glanced up hoping to catch his eye through the slit in his mask. For the first time since he started using me I saw some emotion as his eyes were closed. He was clearly in a state of ecstatic arousal as I worked on his manhood. To my surprise he slowly stood up and the huge cock that I had feasted on was put away. He zipped up his leather pants.

My disappointment was soon to turn to delight as he went straight between my open legs. He discarded the gloves and ripped at my stocking tops. He was moving more quickly, clearly desperate for my juices. My ripped stockings were falling over my leather boots but I didn't care. "Eat your whore" I begged him.

I caught a glimpse of his long tongue protruding from the gap in his head mask. It went straight inside me. He ate me greedily and rapidly, just occasionally licking my clit. I could wait no longer...

His head moved up to mine and I licked my cum from his lips and leather mask. Again he stood up and took out his thick dick. He wanked in my face as I laid back waiting for his load to cover me - mouth wide open. The creamy spunk hit my face and I licked my lips to taste his salty cum. He covered me with his huge load then got up and walked away without a word.

I was in the woods wearing just my boots and ripped stockings covered in this man's sperm. I was a cum covered slut for sure. What would I do next?

My birthday surprise - Part seven

 The velvety blanket felt warm against my skin as I laid back and parted my legs. I waited... 

It seemed to take an age to feel him on me but, in reallity, it was probably only  around ten seconds. His hands grabbed the heels of my boots and moved my legs outwards to open me up even more. My head was back and flat against the blanket but I felt him moving up my boots. Even above the noise from the birds I could hear him breathing heavily - he was taking in the smell of my leather boots and moving up my body VERY slowly.

His leather gloves hands were now beyond the top of my boots and massaging my stockinged legs just above my knees. He shifted his body upwards slightly as he rubbed my inner thighs. My eyes remained closed but I wanted to look at him. My legs were open as wide as I could get them, signalling to his tongue that I wanted some pussy play.

His body moved up mine as he bypassed my open pussy lips and licked my stomach. I felt the leather head mask on my midriff and breathed in deeply. My nipples waited expectantly for his hands and lips but he chose to ignore my heaving breasts. His body had me totally entrapped but he remained tantalizingly out of reach as his arms propped him up above me. I could wait no longer. I had to open my eyes.

His steely cold eyes met mine from around 30cm away. His lips looked thin through the gap in his leather mask. I ran my tongue along his top lip and he didn't respond. My right hand caressed his head. I felt the laces at the back, tight and unforgiving. "Please lick me" I said "I know you want to. 

He stood up. I was taken by surprise at his next move which was to straddle my face and lower himself towards my mouth. I was ready to take his length in my mouth but to my surprise he hadn't removed his underwear. I sucked and bit through his briefs and it took me a few seconds to realise they were leather. They were barely containing his huge cock and then I saw a zip on the front of them.

Without hesitation my hands went for the zip. His semi hard cock came free and the thickness of it made me gasp.

My birthday surprise - Part six

 It was a surreal feeling. I was sitting on a blanket in the woods. Waiting. Anticipation, trepidation and energy filled my exposed body. My husband had escorted me to a clearing marked by a large, red, velvety blanket. He had left me and I had no idea where he'd gone. Maybe he was back at the house waiting to fetch me or was he hiding in the bushes, eager to get a view of the action? 

I looked down at my black high heeled boots. It was dry underfoot so there was no mud on them. I had removed my coat so I checked my black stockings for ladders. All was fine. I wore no panties or bra. I took this decision knowing what a buzz I would get being totally exposed, feeling vulnerable and ready to be subservient with the stranger that was going to use me.

Five minutes passed and I swore I could hear footsteps. I thought they were coming from the heavily wooded area in front of me. I caught my breath and my body tensed with shock. He had sneaked up behind me.

I felt his hand on my throat. It took a second or two before I realised he was wearing leather gloves. He moved around infront of me and towered above me. His head was covered with a black leather mask with gaps for his eyes, mouth and nostrils. He was wearing black boots, faded jeans, a white tee shirt and a black leather jacket. He moved closer and spoke for the first time.

He was quite robotic as he spoke to me in a commanding tone. I detected a slight Eastern European accent as he in began with his instructions;

"Take off my boots" - I did as I was told 

"On your knees. Take my jeans off." - I nodded and obliged.

He removed his jacket and tee shirt before squatting infront of me. Through his full head mask I stared into his cold, blue eyes and looked at his thin lips. I had an overwhelming desire to pull his leather clad head towards me. I wanted the feels of his hands on my skin while he wore the leather gloves.

"Lie down with your legs open." I did as he said without question. Quite frankly, I would do anything he said right now.

My birthday surprise - Part five

 My head was spinning and excitement ran through my body in waves. I immediately thought about the options. "Can I choose two?" I asked. "Maybe around 1pm and 8pm?" My husband said "Whatever you want, sweetheart."  

I weighed up the options and gave my husband my choice for early afternoon. He'd told me to include as many details as possible so the organisers could get it just right for me. I wanted to be in the woods sat on a blanket dressed like a whore waiting for a stranger to come and use me. I wanted the script to be improvised and the filming to take place via hidden cameras. The stranger would have a thick cock and must be wearing a leather mask that covered his head.

I took another gulp of wine and beamed at my man. I thanked him again for his generosity and told him that this was going to be my best ever birthday.

He needed to ring in my options so it was time to choose my second movie. I wanted four big black cocks. I wanted to meet them at the bar area on my own. I would be fully dressed but they would be wearing black boxers and open white shirts. They would take me to the studio with the turntable where my husband would be waiting, ready to film the action. I would be lifted on to the turntable and fucked in turns while I sucked cock.

"I'm looking forward to this as much as you" said my guy. "I seriously doubt that!" I said and we both laughed out loud. 

My birthday surprise - Part four

 My husband had cooked for us and we were relaxing on the leather sofa. My guy was stroking my legs, enjoying the feeling of smooth nylon. I'd kicked off my black high heels which id chosen to compliment my red heels and short red dress. We'd discovered a jukebox which played a selection of times and I'd lit a few candles.

My guy fished a sheet of paper from his pocket and unfolded a printed letter which he passed to me. It contained a number and an instruction to ring in your order the night before so the company had time to organise my birthday treat. There was a price list which started with the basic package - this was one movie with one guy, and finished with the platinum package which was for two movies with a maximum of four guys per movie. There were some suggestions to help me;

THE OUTSIDE MOVIE - Dress like a whore and wait in our woodland area for a stranger to come and take you.

THE TURNTABLE - Squat on our velvet cloth turntable and take it from behind while you swallow cock. Minimum two guys.

THE JACUZZI - Wank a guy in the water before he attends to you any way you choose.

TOY STORY - Let one of our guys use his expertise as he pleasures you with a variety of toys.

CREATE YOUR OWN - Let us know your innermost desires!

"What do you think?" said my husband. "I'm in shock!" I replied, "And my pussy is tingling already." "Make your mind up time then, baby!"

My birthday surprise - Part three

 We decided to prepare a salad for lunch before we used the leisure facilities. Ten minutes in the sauna was followed by a nice relaxing time in the jacuzzi. Time for a swim.

"Take your bikini off," said my man as he lowered his swim shorts. I asked for reassurance that we were alone and he told me that we were "until tomorrow". I disguarded my bikini top, allowing my tits to drop out with my erect nipples hardened and pointing towards my husband. Off came the bottoms and my husband's eyes fixed on my shaven pussy. 

I dove in at the deep end and my guy quickly followed me. He swam after me and his arms wrapped around my waist when he caught me up. His cock was hard and pressed against my bare ass. I spun around and our mouths met. Soon our tongues were hungrily joined in our mouths.

My guy lifted me onto the side of the pool and parted my legs. Only his head and shoulders were above the water and I caught him licking his lips in anticipation. He lightly kissed the inside of the tops of my legs which parted wider in invitation. "What do I get for my birthday tomorrow, baby?" I asked.

He grinned and told me to be patient so I playfully closed my legs tight. "Ok," he said, "I'm going to give you some choices tonight over dinner. You're going to be a movie star and tonight you can chose your script. Black cock, young cock, gang bang... the choice is yours!"

I smiled and opened my legs. My guys tongue slipped into my wet pussy.

My birthday surprise - Part two

 My husband took a large key from his pocket and unlocked the heavy front door. He pushed it open and we were taken aback with the room infront of us. It was a cavernous entrance with a white, marble floor leading to two semi circle staircases which flanked a glorious water feature. "Are we alone?" I asked. "For now" my guy replied.

We wanted to explore so the cases were left next to the door. To the right was a dining room with a long table which could seat around twenty people. The next room was a kitchen which clearly could cater for a large group of guests or friends. At the other side of the mansion we marveled at an open plan living area complete with a grand piano, snooker table and a leather 8 seater sofa which surrounded a large screen television. Beyond this room we found the swimming pool, sauna and Jacuzzi with a gym visible beyond this. 

I was very confused. It wasn't a hotel but it didn't strike me as being anyone's home either. "Will anybody else be joining us?" "Not yet" was the answer.

We found the elevator and decided to check out the bedroom. Coming out of the doors from the lift we both looked at the sign in front of us;



What was this place? Why did I seem more surprised than my husband? What were the Studios? 

I walked to the right, pace quickening and saw a door with a plaque which read STUDIO ONE. I opened the door and my husband followed me into a room with a leather three seater sofa and some stand up lamp - the sort of lighting that would be used for filming for photography. I quickly moved on to STUDIO TWO. Another room of lamps but this time there was a huge bed in the middle of the room. STUDIO THREE was next. Mmm this was interesting. There was a large round table covered in velvet cloth. When I felt it the table top revolved and I noticed the soft fabric was fixed in place. My eyes caught a glimpse of a large cupboard and I was immediately curious as to its contents. I swung the doors open to reveal its contents. Every girls dream! All the dildos, vibrators and sex toys imaginable. Things that I never knew existed! Wow!

I'd got lost in the excitement of the moment and, still holding a huge black vibrator, I eventually turned around to my man. "Come on", he said, "Let's unpack and get some lunch, I'm sure you've got lots if questions for me." I smiled warmly at my love. I had a feeling this was going to be one hell of a weekend.

My birthday surprise - Part one

 It was Friday June the 1st, the day before my 55th birthday and I studied my man's face as he concentrated on the road. We'd been in the car around an hour and I was still guessing what my birthday surprise was going to be. 

He'd told me a couple of days ago that we were going down south for two nights but all my questions had been met  with cagey responses. I had been told that we were going to be stopping in a large old house with private land which was around three hours drive away. My guy had told me to pack my sexiest clothes, underwear, heels and swimwear and also added that we would be indoors for the entire weekend.

I got the feeling that he had something special planned. I was excited and frustrated in equal measures as I tried to think of a way to prise more details from my fella. "What will be eating tonight, sweetie? I asked. "Something good" he said. "Will we be alone?" "Maybe... but not for the full weekend." 

I was getting nowhere. He was bloody enjoying this! He was really teasing me now, "I'm really excited" he said and stared forward at the road with his hands on the steering wheel.

It was midday and I asked if we were nearly there. "10 minutes or so" came the reply. We hadn't seen a car in ages and the country lanes had become more narrow with each mile. Wherever he was taking me it was certainly remote.

In the distance I spotted a long driveway leading to a huge, gothic style mansion. "There it is!" said my guy. "It looks amazing" I said excitedly. We pulled up to the heavy black gates, my guy fished a piece of paper from his pocket and punched in a code.

The gates opened slowly, inviting us to drive up to the imposing building. The gardens were immaculate and lamps lined the driveway either side. It was like something from a movie!

I still had a feeling of apprehension as we parked infront of the mansion. Something told me that this was going to be a weekend with a difference. I smiled at my guy from the passenger seat, he had a mischievous glint in his eye and if I wasn't mistaken he had a huge hard on.

The guy in the pub - Final Part

 I was waiting in bed for my husband. My panties were wet through with cum after my afternoon of fucking. It had taken my guy around a minute to text me back and he was on his way home to have his turn with me.

Phil had hugged me with genuine warmth when I left. He also asked me if we could meet again next week. I'd told him 'maybe' but really meant 'no' - he was obviously besotted with me and I wanted to let him down gently.

Walking to the car I caught a couple of workmen looking me up and down. My only visible clothes were my black coat, nylons and heels but my appearance was 100% 'just fucked'. I smiled at the guys and I felt like a prostitute. To be honest it felt good!

I heard the key turn in the door and footsteps on the stairs. My husband opened the door and looked down at me, I was under the covers from the shoulders downwards.

"I've got a confession, I've been a bad girl" I said, my panties and pussy are full of cum." My man stripped hurriedly and got in bed beside me. His hand immediately cupped my soaking knickers. "I've been fucked all day like a slut" He peeled of my panties and put them to his face before grabbing my thighs and pulling me towards his cock. He slipped inside me and said he could feel all the spunk on his dick. We fucked noisily and passionately and continued throughout with the dirty talk. I told him that I'd orgasmed on Phil's tongue and rode him like a slag. My husband's spunk shot up me and mixed with my male friends'. We both grinned before I opened my legs wide and told him - "Now lick it all out"

Phil eventually accepted that he'd never fuck me again. My replies to his numerous texts were non committal and so he got the hint. I never actually saw him again and it was three months later when I drove by his flat. Admittedly I was feeling a bit devilish when I turned into his street. I wasn't planning to meet him but I was surprised to see the sign on his window - TO RENT. On closer inspection there were no curtains or blinds at the window - he had gone! A disappointed feeling was quickly replaced by a warm glow. I sat in the car with a grin on my face as I remembered my filthy afternoon with the guy I had met in the pub.

The guy in the pub - Part twelve

 Phil brushed a loose strand of hair from my face. He seemed to be studying me with a mixture of admiration, desire, warmth and love. He kissed me gently on the lips and once more I felt his cock stiffening as he moved closer. The tip of his penis was between my wet pussy lips. We were kissing passionately but the desperate rush of earlier had been replaced by a more measured approach. We looked into each other's eyes as our tongues met. 

The tip of his cock entered me for a second and he pulled away. His tongue slipped out of my mouth and his head moved to my heaving breasts. My nipples hardened as he took turns flickering his tongue around them before suckling me hungrily. He moved down my body, slowly attending to every bit of skin with his amazing lips and tongue.

"Turn around sweetheart. I want to take a closer look at you from the back." I was in a state of arousal beyond belief as he massaged my feet, slowly moving up my legs, still kissing and licking my skin like a hungry boy. His head was next to my bottom and he had a hand on each cheek. His firm hands parted my ass cheeks and he kissed between them, gently at first. A thrill ran through me as his tongue entered my ass and licked inside me.

His face was next to mine once more and I licked his tongue and mouth, tasting myself on him. My legs were apart and I wanted that dick so much. Phil expertly entered me. His lovemaking started slowly and our bodies moved together in harmony. We became more frantic and soon his wonderful hot sperm was shooting up me as we both noisily climaxed.

After a few minutes I broke the silence. "Do me a favour and take a photo of my pussy please." I explained that it was for me to remember him by. I went to the toilet and typed a message to my husband who was still at work;


And I sent him the photo;

The guy in the pub - Part eleven

 Phil blushed and looked down at me. Some of his cum had dribbled out of my mouth and was running down my chin. I decided to play a game with him and told him to turn around and bend over. My hand hit his arse cheek hard and he tensed up. "You are a naughty boy aren't you? I didn't say you could cum in my mouth." He apologised, it was barely a whisper and I smacked his arse again before telling him to turn around. "Get your head between my legs and work my clit with your tongue. And don't stop until I tell you to."

He was rock hard again already and he got down on his knees. My legs were open wide as I prepared to feed him. His tongue teased my pussy lips as he skilfully licked around the wall of my pussy before working his way up my wet lips to my hard clit. His long tongue plunged deep into me before he flickered my clit with its tip. I could wait no longer and my body became rigid as my juices flowed onto his mouth. I orgasmed but wanted more. 

For the first time he took charge and said "Get in my bedroom so I can fuck you like a whore." Well, what could I say? I climbed onto his bed and got on all fours. "Take me from behind Big Boy" I begged. Within seconds his throbbing dick was deep inside me and he started to fuck me hard and quick. I met his thrusts and again we were cumming, only this time together. We both collapsed and Phil said he'd fetch us a drink, adding, "I've not finished with you get!"

I was still grinning as he came back into the bedroom with two wine glasses. He climbed in bed beside me and kissed me tenderly before saying "Fucking you was great but now we're going to make love."

The guy in the pub - Part ten

 I knocked on the door and waited. After deliberating on the car I'd finally made my mind up. I'd asked myself the question - how would I have felt if for some reason Phil had changed his mind? The answer was - bloody distraught so I'd strode out of the car with renewed confidence.

He opened the door and smiled shyly. He had obviously just showered and his white shirt was open and hung loosely over blue denim jeans, his feet were bare. I followed him into his open plan living room and asked if he could take my coat as he beckoned for me to sit on the leather sofa. I said "Not yet", deciding to keep my body under wraps for now. Phil was surprisingly shy and quietly spoken which I found endearing. He looked younger than he had in the pub a couple of nights ago and even more handsome!

I took the lead with the conversation. As he sat next to me after placing two glasses of wine in front of us. "Tell me. Why would a good looking young guy with a girlfriend want to meet up with someone old enough to be his mother then?" "You're unbelievably sexual", he replied, almost whispering, I wanted you the minute I saw you."

It was time to stand up and take off my coat, purposely facing the guy as I slipped it off to reveal my lingerie. His mouth dropped open as his eyes feasted on my torso. He tried to speak but nothing would come out. I sat next to him with my legs crossed and told him to take a drink of his wine. His hand was shaking quite badly and I told him to relax.

"Do you like my legs in stockings?" He nodded. "Would you like to feel how smooth they are?" His hand started below my knee and travelled up to beyond the top of my stockings where I grabbed him and told him to stop for now. "Loose the jeans" - he stood up and obliged like a good boy. His black fitted boxers barely contained his eager penis. I rubbed it through his underwear and electricity ran through my body as I felt the shape of his manhood. "I think you'd like my lips around your cock - am I right?" For the first time he smiled as he pulled his boxers down past his ankles and started to unbutton his shirt. I could wait for his muscular chest to press against my tits but his cock had grown and was at my eye level. I lifted it and licked his smooth balls as he shuddered in ecstasy. I had to open wide to fit the girth of his thick dick into my mouth. I worked my head backwards and forwards and he held the back of my head firmly. To my shock his warm cum shot into my mouth and I swallowed greedily. He had shot his load already. Time for him to get his head down on my pussy. I needed to return the compliment.

The guy in the pub - Part nine

 It was a bit strange seeing my husband off to work that morning. We were both aware that I was going to be fucked by another guy but neither of us mentioned it. I know how horny my husband was as he'd spent most of the night with his cock in between my arse cheeks. I'd been tempted to open my legs and slip his hard dick inside my wet pussy but I resisted. Aren't I a good girl?

We were in the kitchen and it was time for him to leave. He winked and said "Have a nice time" before quickly kissing me and heading for the front door. My thoughts turned to Phil. Time for me to get ready and I still hadn't decided what I should wear.

A long shower and it was time to do my hair and make-up. A little too much red lipstick, a generous amount of black eyeliner and blue eyeshadow. Mmm. I think he should approve.

I'd decided on an outfit. The idea came to me as I showered. I was going to wear my shiny black shoes with the silver high heels and my long black coat. Underneath I decided to wear only this...

Did I dare turn up dressed like a whore? YOU BET!!! Imagine his face when he helps me off with my coat. 

It was nearly 11 o'clock. Phil lived in a flat close to the pub where we first met. It wasn't far away but I'd still be a little late even if I set off now. Time to go.

I parked on the street close to his flat. My stomach was full of butterflies and my nerves were taking me by surprise. On the one hand I felt like turning around and going home but on the other I felt a surge of excitement at the prospect of being fucked by a man that I'd never spoken with. It was time to make the decision.

The guy in the pub - Part eight

 Just over 24 hours to my afternoon of sex with a stranger. I had booked in at the spa. A session in the sauna was followed by a quick swim in the pool. I felt like a ***** on Christmas Eve, full of nervous energy and excitement. During my long massage I couldn't stop thinking about where Phil would be putting his hands tomorrow,  grabbing my ass, rubbing my tits and fingering my pussy. I needed to calm down - I was getting very wet.

I had my nails professionally painted filed next. The excitement was building once more as I imagined my long sharp fingernails digging into his buttocks as I pulled him into me. I decided to send a picture to my husband later. I fancied teasing him while he was at work.

On to the hairdressers. I'm sure she picked up on my giddy mood as I was grinning from ear to ear all the time! Hair trimmed and straightened, my thoughts turned to tomorrow  Which outfit, lipstick, eye shadow and so on. I was getting wetter by the minute.

Time to set the tripod up to take a photo for my man. First a text...


And I sent him this...

Do YOU like my nails?

The guy in the pub - Part seven

 What was I going to do? Four hours of sex with a guy I'd never even spoken to excited me beyond belief. I weighed up the pros and cons with my husband. He was my voice of reason and was always there for me when a decision needed to be made. In the end it was quite simple, we both knew how much I wanted this and how deflated I'd feel if I didn't accept his offer. We had made a decision but I needed more time to prepare so I sent him a text;


He replied after a minute;


So the arrangements were made! I kissed my husband and told him that I love him. He asked me what I was going to do tomorrow and I talked him through my routine. I'd go and have my finger and toenails professionally painted and make my pussy smooth for my new guy. I'd spend the day pampering myself and I'd choose which outfit to wear. All day I would be tingling with anticipation. 

The beep of the phone signalled the arrival of a text;


I looked at my husband and smiled before replying;


The guy in the pub - Part six

 It was now 24 hours since I'd first laid eyes on my mystery man. Neither my husband or myself had mentioned him since we'd had our drunken fuck last night. Our friends had gone home and we'd cooked, eaten and cleared up. The outrageous flirting seemed to belong in a different world as we relaxed on a typical boring Sunday night.

It was my husband that mentioned him first when he asked if I was going to message back to the guy. "No, I don't think so" I said. He laughed and called me a 'cock tease' and started to playfully take the piss. "All mouth and no action". "Get lost" I said and laughed.

Half an hour passed and I got my phone out to re-read the message. I started to type and my husband looked up from the book he was reading. I smiled to myself, fully aware of my husband watching me, and began to type;


Ridiculous as it sounds, it was all I could think off to say! No wonder an hour passed without reply!

A shrill beep coming from my mobile woke me. I was laid with my guy on the sofa and his arms had wrapped me up as he spooned me. "I wonder who that could be?" he said, obviously thinking the same as me. I opened the message and the game began;

Him - I want you more now than I did last night xx

Me - Really, I must be old enough to be your mother x

Him - I wanked over you this morning xx

Me - What were you thinking about? X

Him - What I'd do when I get you here in my flat xx

Me - And when do you plan to do that? X

Him - I'll be in at 11 in the morning and my girlfriend won't be home until 4 xx

Me - What would you do with me for four hours? X

Him - Suck you, fuck you and fill you with spunk xx

Me - Sounds tempting. I'll think about it x

The guy in the pub - Part five

 We staggered home, had a couple more drinks and went up to bed around 2am. My husband was laid on his back and I undressed at the side of him, hoping he would not go straight to sleep. I knew he was watching me remove my clothing and I hoped his cock would be hard enough for me to use after all the alchohol he'd consumed. 

I slid into bed at the side of him and scraped his chest with my nails and tugged gently at his chest hair. My hand strayed to his cock a couple of times but it remained soft. I wrapped my right hand around his flaccid dick and whispered in his ear - "I've been a naughty girl tonight. I've been coming on to a guy in the pub. Would you like me to tell you what I've been doing?" This had the effect that I was hoping for as my guy started to stiffen and grow in my hand. I told him everything. From the initial eye contact and smiles, through the passing of my number to him and finally the text that I'd received. 

I mounted my husband's rock solid length. He told me off in a playful way, pointing out that I was wet through because I wanted to fuck a stranger. We both exploded within minutes. It turned us on so much that we'd forgotten about our friends in the other bedroom!

I put my head on my lovely husband's chest and breathed out heavily  "Don't worry my love", he said "we both know you want this guys cock inside you so let's find a way to make it happen."

The guy in the pub - Part four

 The more the drink flowed, the more daring I became. I lost count of the number of times my husband saw me running my tongue along my lips while holding the gaze of the guy across the pub. My man turned around twice to see this guy staring straight back at me but still he appeared oblivious to the flirting. The girl with my fantasy guy had no idea what was going on as she continued to babble away at a hundred words a minute! 

Shortly before 10pm the couple stood up together. I glanced at the empty glasses and my heart sank with disappointment as they were obviously going to leave. We exchanged a final private smile and I wondered if I'd ever see this good looking guy again. 

I checked my phone as many times as I dared without attracting attention. Disappointingly my fantasy hunk had not messaged.

It was just turned midnight and time to go home. On my final visit to the toilet I heard my mobile phone vibrate in my handbag. My hand reached inside my bag and I noticed a slight tremble as I punched in my password. A big red number one indicated the arrival of a text. I felt the rush of excitement in my panties once more as I clicked on the message. 


I touched my pussy and it was moist.

The guy in the pub - Part three

 The guy had got up, presumably to use the toilet. Here was my chance. I stood up and announced that I needed the toilet and was disappointed when Sally said she'd go with me. This was not going to be easy. 

The toilets were in the corner of the pub, out of sight from where the guys were sat, just beyond the dance floor where the DJ was setting up his equipment. There was no sign of the guy. I sat on the toilet and locked the cubicle door. My only hope was to somehow get a written message to him. I fumbled in my handbag and found an old receipt. Shit, where was my pen! I was aware that Sally might be wondering what I was doing but thankfully I found a biro to write my number on the crumpled bit of paper.

Now for the hard bit. How was I going to get it to him without anyone else seeing. I washed my hands, applied some lipstick and screwed the paper into my palm. We walked through the toilet door and my heart started to race as I saw him chatting with the DJ just a yard or two from me. 

I had no time to think and acted impulsively. I slid my bag from my shoulder and dropped it on the floor between the two of us. I bent down to pick up the spilled contents and he dutifully followed the script by bending down to help me. "Butter fingers" he said with a smile and I grinned back at him. 

He held his hand out to help me up and I squeezed thesquashed piece of paper into his hand before walking back to my husband. "He's fit", said my friend but I could tell she didn't suspect anything.

All I could hope for now was a message. I began to picture his cock inside me as I lifted the wine glass to my lips.

The guy in the pub - Part two

 Twenty minutes passed before my husband and his pal, Tony, joined us. My guy was sat opposite his mate, separated by a table, while Sally and I were on the bench seat under the window. This meant I could still see "that guy". His stare was hard to avoid and it was remarkable that his partner hadn't noticed him checking me out. I think she was too busy babbling away to pay any attention! She was slim and pretty, dressed in black jeans and a cream jumper with cream ballet shoes. "Blah, blah, blah," she went on and on. 

My guy and I had not fucked for nearly a week. He had been working away and had got back late that afternoon. Already his fingers were touching my knee at regular intervals. I'd not looked at my admirer for some time so I glanced across to check as my husbands hand move above my knee as he continued his conversation with Tony. Sure enough, the mystery man was gazing directly at my legs. The arrival of my husband hadnt damped his enthusiasm.

As the wine flowed I subtely turned up the flirting. Looking into his eyes above my wine glass, glancing at him as I laughed along with our friends and even licking my lips to send him a message of intent. 

I started to wonder how I'd feel if the strangers opposite were to leave. Perhaps I'd never see this man again? I needed to come up with a plan. The wine was making me feel very brave and his girlfriend was really irritating me. What that guy needed was a good fucking from a real woman with experience.

The guy in the pub - Part one

 Before I start this blog I want to let everyone know that it's based on a true story. Please feel free to post any questions or any dirty thoughts in the comments section. Hope you enjoy...

It started when our friends came over for a night out with my husband and I. They were a couple of similar age to ourselves who we'd known for years and we always made sure we had a night out every month or so. It was a dreadful, wintery night and the rain was unrelenting. I had on my new dress. It was red, fitted and came halfway between my waist and knees. It was short enough to reveal my black stockings. I knew it met with my husbands approval by the expression on his face.

We'd planned to walk to the local pub so we could all have a few drinks and I was happy to hear my husband say to his mate "I'll drop the girls off in the car and we can walk down. No point in us all getting soaked." That helped me decide on my footwear. I pulled my black high heeled boots from the cupboard, the ones my guy loved to see me in.

I quickly applied some more red lipstick before Sally and I squeezed under the umbrella and ran to the car. It was only a five minute journey and my man dropped us off right by the entrance. "See you in 20 minutes, ladies" he said with a boyish grin on his face. I knew that look and it meant he wanted to fuck me.

It was the second that we walked into the pub that I saw "him". The bar was adjacent to the door and as soon as we walked in he unashamedly looked me up and down. He was tall and wore smart denim jeans, brown leather shoes and a cream shirt. I'd guess he was under 40, possibly about 20 years younger than me. I held his gaze but my expression gave nothing away. After initially thinking what a cheeky sod he was I quickly felt a tingling sensation in my panties. This made me smile slightly and it didn't go unnoticed. Sally had squeezed straight into a gap at the bar and I was a yard from my admirer. He leaned into the bar, picked up two drinks and went to a nearby table. To my surprise  (and disappointment he placed the drinks down and sat opposite an attractive young girl. 

Sally passed me a drink and we looked around for a place to sit. She led the way to a table under the window and we sat next to each other. We had a glug of our wine and I looked up. "He" was about 8 yards away and his seat was facing me. His girl was oblivious as his eyes were fixed firmly on my crossed legs. I felt another sensation in my panties and looked away from him. When I glanced back a minute later his head hadn't moved. Our eyes met and he smiled...

Voyeuristic pleasures - Final part


I could feel the warm cum oozing from my pussy and running onto my inner thigh. It was the spunk of a man I had met around an hour ago and that made me feel filthy but I was buzzing with excitement. Adrenaline pumped through my veins but I still wanted to make my husband wait. Finally i decided it was his turn. I needed more cock and he would be desperate to do just what I wanted by now. I laid with my spunk covered legs and pussy spread wide. "Come out of the wardrobe now. I've been very naughty, do you forgive me?" My man tentatively crept out, his hard cock leading the way. I told him to put it straight inside me and shoot his cum into me just like the guy I'd seduced. Then he was going to empty me with his tongue and make me cum again.


How much longer would she make me wait? She had me so aroused that I would do anything to please her. The first thing I saw as I stepped out of the wardrobe was the thick white sperm that covered my wife's pussy. I was relieved that she wanted my dick up her straight away. The experience of fucking my wife when she was full of a strangers cum was as erotic as it was dirty. My spunk joined his as we both climaxed at the same time. My girl was in total control and I didn't hesitate when I was told to empty her vagina with my tongue. I worked the creamy cum onto her hard clit and licked her in with circular strokes from the tip of my tongue. Her body went rigid as she pushed herself into my lips. She released her sweet love juices into my mouth before relaxing and flopping on the bed. "Come and kiss your dirty whore," she said with a chuckle. Not for the first time I told myself how lucky I am to be with such a sexy, open minded woman. 

Voyeuristic pleasures - Part eight


I sat at the end of the bed and told Carl to undress. His boxer shorts could hardly contain his bulging cock which was at my eye level. Was that the eye of my husband I could see peeping from the wardrobe? I asked Carl to take off my dress and was left in my stockings, heels and underwear. My fingers unclasped my bra and I let it fall off. Carl's eyes feasted on my ample tits and my nipples pointed to him in a state of arousal. I wanted his length in my mouth so I told him to loose the boxers. His long, thick cock was poised infront of my face so I flicked the end of my tongue on its end before lightly licking the length. Carl closed his eyes and moaned with pleasure as I opened wide and took the length of his dick expertly into my warm mouth. I moved my head slowly and dug my fingernails into his firm buttocks. For a moment I forgot about my guy in the wardrobe but it was only fair to give him a commentary so he was in no doubt what I was getting. I told Carl that it was time to eat me and explained that dirty talk was a turn on for me so we both became quite vocal.

"Put some fingers up me and lick my clit."

"Kiss me so I can taste my pussy juices."

"Bend over so I can fuck you like a whore."

"Push that hard cock up me."

"Come on my big cock."

"I'm a dirty slag and I want you to spunk up me."

Carl shot his load up me. Seconds after we climaxed I grabbed my phone and with pretend panic I said, "Oh my God! My husband sent me a message. It says he'll be here in ten minutes. He sent it five minutes ago!"


The restricted view was a frustration but it only added to my state of frenzied arousal. Her nails were dug into his arse cheeks and were just inches away from me. I could here him moaning and I knew that meant her lovely lips were on his cock. I'd had that pleasure many times before. When she laid back on the bed I could see that his head was between her legs, tasting that sweet pussy. I saw her bend over and my nobend tingled and pulsed. He paused to lick the rim of her arsehole before putting his large cock into her wet vagina. I watched as he pumped her, quite slowly at first, becoming more frantic as the two of them built to a climax. I stroked my cock and prayed that I'd be next. She told him to shoot his spunk up her and I nearly laughed out loud as she pretended I was only a few minutes away. Carl left in a hurry, pulling on his clothes as he opened the door. I waited. My wife was laid on the bed with her legs open. I could see the cum dripping from her.

Voyeuristic pleasures - Part seven


Carl held around me as I fiddled with the key to the hotel door. He was hard - VERY hard! His cock seemed to be bursting out of his trousers and it pressed between my bum cheeks. The door clicked open and he pressed me against the nearest wall. "Open your legs" he said. I glanced over to the bed and the wardrobe where my husband was hidden. "Over here" I said to Carl and led him by the hand. He stood at the end of the bed with his back just about a yard from the wardrobe door. I put my arms around him and asked him to tell me what he wanted from me. I closed my eyes and thought of my man with his cock in his hand, peaking through the gap, trying to see as much of the action as his view would allow. "I'm gonna eat that pussy first and then you can mount my cock and ride me". "Oh yes" I replied, "I'm going to empty those balls. I want all your creamy cum inside me before my husband gets back".


I tried to make myself as comfortable as possible as I heard the key in the lock. He'd got my wife against the wall but I daren't open the door any wider for fear of being caught. I wouldn't want to interupt them at this stage! She had led him right up to the wardrobe and I held my breath. I could see her red nail polish on the fingers that stroked his neck. I listened intently and prayed for a good view as he told her that he was going to eat her pussy. She knew what I wanted to hear as she described how she was going to fuck him. I started to stroke my erection...

Voyeuristic pleasures - Part six


I returned from the toilet and rubbed Carl's arm lightly with my fingers, it was time to put my plan into action. "I keep thinking about my bank card. I'd be happier if I went to the room and fetched it, the hotel's only a minutes walk from here." Carl smiled and asked, "Are you trying to get me into your hotel room?" "Would you like that?" I said and he grabbed my hand and said "Come on!" I had to give my husband chance to be in his hiding place but Carl was desperate for me. I led him over to a dark corner, popped my drink on a shelf and cupped his manhood in my hand. I squeezed gently and kissed him, licking the tip of his tongue as I massaged his balls. His hand moved up my dress and his thumb went inside my panties and slipped easily up my wet pussy. The plan to delay things had backfired as I could wait no longer. "Let's go and fuck," I said.


I hurried up to our room, trying to envisage the wardrobes size and position. Was my wife really bringing a guy into the room or was she just teasing? I prayed for the former. The thoughts of watching her take cock was becoming an obsession. I entered the room and the large brown wardrobe waited for me. It faced the end of the bed so I'd get a real good view of the action that I hoped was going to take place. Opening the doors I saw that I was going to be ok for space. Had my wife checked this earlier? It was going to be warm in there so I took all my clothes off. I entered the wardrobe and pushed it ajar, enough to see through but not enough to be seen. I heard footsteps and giggles from down the corridor. I was motionless but breathing quite heavily. I suddenly realised that I had my hard cock in my hand.

Voyeuristic pleasures - Part five


Every bit of my body tingled with nervous anticipation. After I'd sent my husband out of the room I was tempted to turn on my vibrator and slip it into my wet pussy I was so desperate to cum. Instead I had a vodka from the mini bar and squeezed into my little black dress. One last check in the full length mirror and I was ready to go. The bar was just across the road from our hotel. I looked around as I walked in but didn't acknowledge my husband as he raised his eyebrows, indicating he'd seen me. This was perfect - busy but not packed, a great atmosphere and some hot looking guys at the bar. I approached the bar and brushed a young fellas arm with mine. I was inches from him when i ordered a large glass of white  wine. Now to cast the bait! "I'm so embarrassed", I said to the barman as I frantically searched my handbag, "I was convinced  I'd brought my bank card." Immediate bite! "Let me pay for that". I was appropriately grateful and squeezed his hand. Let the flirting begin! Carl was 38 and was on a stag night with his friends. Most of them played rugby together. I told him he was the most handsome and he asked me what a sexy lady was doing out on her own. "I'm waiting for my husband. He's up here on business and we're stopping in the hotel across the road. He's running late so I've got a couple of hours to play with." "Let me buy you another drink", said Carl before I excused myself and went to the toilet. Time to text my husband - GO TO OUR ROOM AND HIDE IN THE WARDROBE AT THE END IF THE BED. LOVE FROM YOUR SLUT X


I opened the text with shaking hands. My wife never ceased to amaze me. It had taken her less than ***** minutes to pull a bloke around 20 years younger than her. As I sat watching her I was becoming increasingly turned on. She looked amazingly sexy to me but I was biased, it looked as though she had gained a new fan though with this guy. He responded to every touch of his arm, his smile seemed to signal a desire for her. He was desperate to please and flashed his white teeth in a broad grin at every opportunity. I had guessed that my girl would home in on him. He was tall, dark and muscular. White shirt, tight black trousers, all her boxes were ticked. I gave them a wide berth as I left the bar. Time for me to hide in the wardrobe.

Voyeuristic pleasures - Part four


My husband laid on the bed watching me with intent. I sat cross legged at the dressing table wearing my stockings, heels and underwear. My hair was washed, dried and straightened and I was applying my make-up. Green eyeshadow sat above thick black mascara and I pursed my lips to meet the tube of red lipstick - the lipstick of choice when I sucked cock. I could see in the mirror that my man had a hard on. His dick was bulging in his trousers. He had laughed nervously after he spoke when we had entered the room but I'd sensed that he was serious when he'd said, "Dress up to go out on the pull. And don't forget I'll be watching you dirty girl." I was nervous at the prospect but intrigued to a point where I was seriously considering playing along. I decided to take control. "Ok then, wait on the bed while I shower and when I come out you're going to watch me prepare myself, not for you though, for another man. Ten minutes before I'm ready you're going to leave the hotel. Get yourself a drink and a seat with a good view in the bar across the road. Don't talk to me in the bar and no phone calls or messages. When I go to the toilet check your phone because I'll be texting you." This was so exciting. I had a plan in my mind, a very naughty plan. If my man wanted me to act like a slag then that's exactly what I was going to do.


My mind was in overdrive. My girl was playing along and my cick was aching for her sweet pussy. I watched every move as she gazed into the mirror and applied her make-up with precise skill. Would those red lips engulf a lucky strangers cock soon? Would she be moaning with pleasure as her smooth white ass was pounded from behind? Were those shapely stockinged legs going to be around some man's head as he thrust his tongue up her. She appeared to be really buying into this fantasy but how far would she go? "Ok, I'm nearly ready now" she said, "Go to the bar across the street and wait in there. You know the rules. Before you go I need you to fasten my suspender belt so I can slip my dress on." She bent over and my shaking hands helped her out. I wondered again if there was a lucky stranger out there who was going to be using my woman soon. Whoever it was he was in for one hell of a time 

Voyeuristic pleasures - Part three


My husband placed another glass of wine in front of me. I sat cross legged on the high bar stool about the yards from the bar which was getting busier by the minute. My man's dream had made me wet and the wine was making me feel mischievous. I was aware that the guy on the next table was listening and kept glancing at me while he pretended to read his newspaper. At intervals throughout my guys story I would offer verbal encouragement for him to carry on as well as leaning forwards to stroke the top of his leg. The stranger on the next table nearly spilt his drink at one point when I said to my husband "Don't be shy, tell me what I did with that strangers cock." I wondered if my guy was going to take me upstairs and shove his hard cock in me or if he really did have other plans for me.


I watched my wife for her reactions as I told her about my dream. She smiled non commitedly as I began to describe how I watched from a distance her outrageous flirting. She started to ask questions as I told her how she was stroking their cheeks, rubbing their arms and putting her hands on them at every opportunity. "Describe them" she had said (slightly too loudly), "mmm I like the sound of them." We were both aware that the guy on the next table could hear us and I described in detail how I felt as she kissed one of the guys. I told her how his friend had held her hips from behind as she used her hands to pull him into her so their lips met. Then I told her how hard I was as she turned around to the other guy and put her tongue in his mouth. We were both turned on to the point of desperation now but I still had a proposal to make. I decided we would take our cases to the room before I would ask her...

Voyeuristic pleasures - Part two


I was full of excitement and anticipation now that I was with my man. He had arrived home to my open arms and I'd given him a long passionate kiss. I was a little disappointed that he'd not sunk to his knees, moved my thong and licked my clit as soon as he saw me. Maybe he was waiting until we got to the hotel room but I couldn't help feeling that he had something on his mind. We had spent the short car journey chatting away, catching up with all the news about family and friends and we were now in the hotel bar having arrived half an hour before check in. We sat on two tall stools close to the bar. Maybe it was because we'd had a couple of drinks but my husband had started to put his hand on my leg more frequently and he seemed to be moving closer to the top of my dress. It became apparent what was on his mind when he told me about a dream that he'd had. "I just can't stop thinking about it" he said, "I was watching you from a seat in a public bar and you were flirting with these strangers...."


She looked hot enough to fuck there and then when I walked through the door and she greeted me with a long kiss. 'Not yet I had told myself, 'I have a filthy fantasy to fulfill'. I kept trying to choose the moment to bring it up in the car but it just never felt like the right time. We had exchanged the usual chatter but my mind was elsewhere. I'd become so desperate to see my gorgeous girl with another guy that I was unsure how I'd feel if she didn't want to play along. Now in the hotel bar I had plucked up the courage to bring it up. I was already aroused as I had caught the young barman staring at my girls legs as she was sat on the stool. My hand was creeping up her leg showing him what it was like to touch her smooth skin. I decided not to ask outright but to test the water by telling my wife what I had dreamed about. "I was watching you from a seat in a public bar and you were flirting with these strangers..."

Voyeuristic pleasures - Part one

 My husband booked us a Saturday night in a city centre hotel. Here is our story - told from both perspectives.


I couldn't wait for our weekend to start. My husband had been working away and he had booked a night in a top class hotel in the city for us. I'd not seen him all week and I was desperate for him to hug me, kiss me and enter me. I'd been horny all week and my sex toys had been used over and over again. It was now midday and he was due home at 3pm and then we were leaving an hour later. The case was packed and I just needed to get ready. It was a beautiful sunny day so I decided on my short dress and flat shoes to travel in. I thought about my guy as I applied my make up. He loved watching me put on my eye shadow and make up. We had a private joke going with one particular lipstick - it meant that I was getting ready to suck cock! I wonder what the plan was for later...


Just an hour from home now. At last I could relax and allow my mind to think about our weekend. Not seeing my girl had made me incredibly horny all week. Wanking each night couldn't surpress the raging desire. I could quite easily walk through the door and bend my wife over the kitchen table, slip her panties of her smooth white ass and push my hard cock up her. I needed to calm down because I'd got a plan in my head for when we reached the hotel. It came to me in a dream last night. I was sat in a bar watching my girl enjoying the attention of a group of men. She was flirting outrageously and was loving the fact that she had them captivated. I decided to tell her about this while I was driving us to the hotel. If she liked the story then maybe she'd make the fantasy a reality.

Sex with our yuvutu friend - final part

 Dino had shot his load deep inside me but I wanted more. My insatiable appetite for sex had not yet been fed. Dino helped me unstraddle my guy who got up. I laid on the bed with my legs wide open and a grin on my face. "Who wants feeding?" I said as I opened my pussy lips with my fingers.

"Come on Dino, feed on me. There's plenty for you both. My Italian boyfriend began to grow again. He quickly put his head between my legs and began to lap up our mixture of cum juices. Occasionally he spooned the cum onto the tip of his tongue and worked it into my hardened clit with a skilful rotation of the tongue. My husband was rock hard and desperate for my cum filled hole to embrace his cock.

I told Dino to let my husband have a feed and he got up and stood to one side. "Get that tongue deep inside me sweetie. Dino, hold my ankles and spread my legs really wide." The guys were in the palm of my hand and I felt empowered to know I could ask them for anything right now.

I told my Italian stud to kneel on the bed and my husband to lay down. I couldn't continue to tease my love any longer. Could I?

I slowly made my way up my husband's body, using my hands to massage his legs and hips. I sat astride of him just below his throbbing dick and leaned to his right. My hands cupped Dino's balls and I dribbled on the tip of his huge length. My mouth opened to engulf as much of his penis as I could manage and my head moved up and down slowly as he throbbed with excitement. My husband lifted my hips up and moved me on to his erect penis. Wow this was amazing! I bounced up and down on my man and we all moved rhythmically to our enivitable climax. Seconds after warm spunk hit the back of my throat I orgasmed with my guy. We all collapsed on the bed with smiles from ear to ear.

The rest of the night was all a blur to me. I allowed the guys to use me as and when they wanted. At times I didn't know which one of them was fucking me, fingering me or whose tongue was up my arse or pussy! 

When I woke the next morning I looked around and there was just one male torso... my husband. I crept to the bathroom and spotted some paper on the dressing table. It was a note from our friend;


I smiled because I already knew my answer.....

It was 'No' x

Sex with our yuvutu friend - part *****

 I laid accross my husband with my tits squashed on his chest. Dino put his strong hands on my hips and lifted my bottom up. This brought me to my man's eye level and he looked down to see my dangling boobs. I was close enough for my guy to see every change in my facial expression, to hear every ecstatic sigh and groan and to feel every movement I made.

I let out a sigh and told my husband why. "Dino is licking my arse cheeks". My man  squirmed underneath me as he despeately searched for an entrance for his cock. "Mmmmmm. He's just spit on my arse and his tongue is getttting closer to my hole. His big strong fingers are widening my arse hole. Wow his middle finger is inside me and he's licking all around it". My husband had a slight shake in his voice when he said "I'm begging you too let me fuck you".

I continued to toy with the man I loved, "Sorry baby but my boyfriend is going to fuck me. Hold my hips while he gives it to me from behind". "Ok" he whispered so I carried on describing everything. "Dino has his big hard cock in his hand now and he's wanking it on my pussy lips. The tip keeps catching my clit and making it tingle". My husband asked if he could kiss me and I inched forward to his face. My eyes closed and I bit my bottom lip, looking at my man I said, "That big dick is right up me now. It's filling me because it's so huge. Your wife is geetting fucked like a slag by her boyfriend".

My man could resist no longer and his mouth met mine. His long, desperate, passionate kiss only ended when I pulled away to let out a loud moan of pleasure. Wife smiled at husband, husband smiled back and wife said, "My pussy is full of cum. Do you think I'm a dirty girl?"

Sex with our yuvutu friend - part *****

 I had my two guys just where I wanted them. All my inhibitions had completely gone and I was going to be absolutely filthy from now. I decided to tease my husband mercilessly.

I stood at the end of the bed and saw my man's slight frown as I opened Dino's legs and moved upwards bypassing his massive dick. My lips found the mixture of our cum that I'd deposited on his stomach earlier. The tip of my tongue spooned a little of the love juice onto my red lips. I began to lick more greedily allowing some of the spunk to drip down onto my chin, all the time I maintained eye contact with my husband.

I moved from one man to the other, straddling my guy but not letting his throbbing cock enter me. He stared at my lips, a mixture of Dino's spunk, my cum and fresh red lipstick met his gaze. "I'm sorry baby but I've been very naughty. I've just had a big cock shooting spunk up me," I said with pretend remorse. "I'm wanking it right now if you look. Please don't stop me." 

My man looked to his right and looked at my left hand slowly moving up and down my friends huge shaft. "I love cock baby, will you forgive me?" My husband nodded, he was totally complient. "Lick my lips" and he did. "Put your tongue on mine and tell me what you taste." 

My man greedily licked my tongue and followed up by licking my chin dry. I continued to wank Dino and he groaned in ecstasy. My man begged me for a fuck but I decided he should watch some more. "Dino, push that cock up me from behind while my husband holds me. I want him to see my face while I'm being fucked like a whore."

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