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  United States
  • jerseyjman

  • Occupazione:
  • Interessi:
  • Sesso: Coppia eterosessuale
  • Data di nascita: Aprile 1962
  • Gruppo etnico: Bianco
  • Situazione personale: Relazione monogama
  • Attitudini sessuali: Eterosessuale
  • Fumatore/fumatrice: No
  • Altezza: 173 cm 5 ft 8 in
  • Corporatura: Corporatura media



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 - Riding Luis.
  •   9K
  •  04/07/18
  •  82%
 - ***** feed
  •   5K
  •  04/06/18
  •  96%
 - Riding the big Dominican dick
  •   26K
  •  18/04/18
  •  90%
 - Cock and Balls
  •   8K
  •  08/04/18
  •  98%
 - She loves his Big Cock
  •   18K
  •  06/04/18
  •  84%
 - His cock Slut
  •   21K
  •  21/03/18
  •  70%

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Nessuna voce
metalm1litia said:
All the new content is incredibly hot, I'm just hoping to see
more of those tits! Also available if you need a cock for a video
involving her beauties!
metalm1litia said:
Your new content is absolutely incredible! Thanks so much for
sharing, I'm so happy to know this hotty is a jersey girl,
hopefully I can run into her one day!
northernenglandcouple said:
We are Carol and George from Northern England. Love your SEXY
PROFILE AND AMAZING PHOTOS..We are looking for fun..This is my secret
life. I love to show you through my videos and I get so wet and horny
when I read your life is now so full of hot, erotic
fun and freedom.
metalm1litia said:
I hope you guys have continued to enjoy yourselves, I know we are all
absolutely enamored with Jackie!!!
himikxxx said:
Very nice!!!
himikxxx said:
Very nice!!!
dec010974 said:
Nice to see a sexy mature. Waiting for more.
bossman09 said:
so fucking hot wish I could meet you one day so sexy im from dallas tx
reza84 said:
Awesome vids she is beautiful lady with a great body 
metalm1litia said:
i was rooting for the buttons to break in those last two videos,
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