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she STOPPED!!!

After health issue and becoming a senior, she decided to stop SEX!  I was obviously confused, shocked, devastated, and a bunch more exclaimations!  That's the reason we've been away all this time.  Took me naturally a LONG long long time to come to terms and adjust after our decades of loving sex!  She has even kept her privacy so no more pics & vids! 

Luckily I can go through my collection over the years to bring back memories and try to satisfy myself!  I plan to share these over time (when she is not watching) and may be even some vintages!  I am still negotiating and will update.  Wish me LUCK!

She revealed her secrets to cum fast and furious

He revealed some of my best techniques and by request it's time for me to reveal what I enjoy the most.  While I like most things cocks think pussies enjoy, they don't know how to get me to cum fast and easy.  Rub my clit fast and hard actually don't work most times.  Even sucking doesn't work well if he doesn't know how.

Fast and hard pounding is fun but really depends on how ready and wet I am. Hard to cum just from that.

Surprise to most, I really enjoy the hard cock sliding over my pussy and clit without entering to start off.  That's my style of pressure rubbing my clit to get me ready.  we might have a vid that shows that somewhere.

To come fast, I personally need steady pressure pressed on my clit and not pounding in and out.  We posted a vid that shows a some people called a strange or stiff style.  He pushed his tool fully inside and stays on top of me with little in/out and just steady controlled weight on my clit. (not too much if he's heavy)  When he does that right, I often cum explosively fast and multiple times.  Then I reward him with my special techniques to make sure he explodes also if he hasn't yet.

Tell us you want to know more and I might let him tell more of my secrets.  In the mean time, enjoy our vids and pics.

We appreciate your pussies and cocks telling us what you like best so we can try too!

Pleasure Techniques

we enjoy exploring techniques that pleasure each other to get new highs.  Love to hear your own techniques so we share the knowledge and try new all the time.

Every now and then, she surprises me with her superb techniques when I've been a good boy.  We have posted 2 videos that shows her SQUEEZE and ball massage techniques.  Please enjoy.  She crosses her legs, locks her feet and puts the squeeze on, then massage and scratch my balls at the same time.  You had to experience to know how hard not to shoot it right there! 

Not seen in the video angle, but she also sucked and massaged my nipples while scratching my balls and squeezing all at once!!!  This is the ultimate and I always explode way too fast under this treatment although loving every second each time! 

Do try it out if you haven't and we appreciate your interests and comments on the technique!   We will share our other techniques next time if there is sufficent interest.

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