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  • kikial

  • Occupazione: casalinga, housekeeper
  • Interessi: music movie triller
  • Sesso: Donna
  • Data di nascita:
  • Gruppo etnico: Bianco
  • Situazione personale: Relazione aperta
  • Attitudini sessuali: Bisessuale
  • Fumatore/fumatrice: No
  • Altezza: 170 cm
  • Corporatura: Corporatura media


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 - maialona
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  •  27/11/17
  •  72%
 - moglie maiala - superpig wife
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 - wife riding
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 - wife fucking
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  •  29/05/17
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 - Sperm shooting-spara sborra
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  •  14/05/17
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La femme de mon ami s'est foutu la nuit dernière, dans la cuisine ... alors qu'il était un peu éméché à regarder la télé ... ... a pris tout le sperme à l'intérieur et m'a promis que le cul serait à moi seul. ..... Je vais vous dire comment c'est le cochon .....

La moglie del mio amico si è fatta inculare ieri sera, in cucina....mentre lui un po' brillo guardava la tv è fatta sborrare dentro e mi ha promesso che quel culo sarà solo racconterò quanto è porca...

The wife of my friend got buggered last night, in the kitchen .... while he was a bit 'tipsy looking at the tv ...... she got lot of  hot  cum inside and promised me that her ass will be only mine .. .... I will tell you how much she is pig .....

on the boat....second part...

I get up and approach to take it, the shot to the bollard and the knot, he is standing, he turns his back, legs apart to stand in balance and there I see his balls round and thick ..... lengthen a hand, impossible to resist, I touch his butt on purpose and in a moment I have all his cock in hand, without tightening the balls tickles, immediately withdraw, I feel them moving between the fingers, he freezes and widens more, the his cock has a sob, ... it's mine !!!! I take it by the hips and around ... his dick and in front of my face, his fingers leave the rope and enter between my hair ... I watch the cock that is more and more strong .... how much big and thick, the now huge chapel disappears in my mouth while I tickle it with my tongue, I lick it ... greedy I shake it and shake it, massage the balls and swallow it all, not easy, I hear it go down into the throat he moans and pushes him, but he's good at not insisting too much, he lets me do it ... I feel a hot stream that runs between my legs. It's too much for me to look and my pussy is on fire, now there is no escape for him and I enjoy it. I will bring it to the maximum of desire, while I work with my mouth my hand slowly flows between his ass, he understands and tightens my head, I know what he wants, my finger creeps to look for his asshole, I overflow it and stroke it then the bathroom with the mood of my pussy and I put it in it. Geme, with his frightfully big cock ... squeezes and releases the sphincter around my finger, he wants two .... then three .... I'm inside him. And now! I throw myself on the cushions with legs apart, there's no time to lick me even if he likes to sink his nose in my pussy while I slurate the anus ... come ... I pull it towards me, I feel it on my pussy, presses, pushes, makes its way through the hot lips, how big it is! I take it for my ass and pull it inside ... it's not me anymore, there's nothing around me, the pleasure is huge, I'm bangs the cock in the foreground and deep then increases the pace, my pussy explodes, he does not stop, slows down between orgasm and I come one, two ... three times, I breathe fast and deep, I tighten to me, I feel his muscles and the hand that widens my ass, he wants my ass! I want it in the ass, <fuck me, fuck me in the ass, cum in me> <turn around, I want to bugger you in sheep> I do not repeat, it makes me get so mounted, I spread my ass and I feel his tongue coming inside, the he moves fast and drives me mad, dazed by pleasure I do not expect anything but his cock, Ahhh, in one stroke he is inside and I trumpet like a madman, I incite him moaning in the blue sea, under a warm sun and accomplice. The smell of the sea, of his body, the smell of my pussy excite me even more. Blow me, sbattimi .... I enjoy more than once, thanks his hand that titillates the clit so excited that it looks like a little cock .... here it is, increases the pace .... is about to come, I still expand plus the ass, I want it all. When it is about to start, it slows down, stimulates its bird by moving the chapel in and out. I feel the spasms, for each one a hot jet fills my ass, then pushes him up to the balls, now it's my turn, I let the cum penetrate me and tighten his cock. I do not want her to come out, I lie down, with him inside, she lies down on me, I feel that fresh wind on my skin, the swaying of the wave ... she kisses me softly on the neck, she tells me ... <you're so horny and slut just enough to make sex a game of thrill> .... I answer <I want you so! horny, big and hard, hot and pig enough to give you all of me> He pulls his dick out of my ass, slowly, a trickle of hot cum slides out, I reach my hand between my legs, I wet my fingers and suck that mix of me and him .... I want to feel that flavor for hours. I turn around and lift myself from the edge of the boat. FUCK! A canoeist is near us, tanned, still, with his hand still on his cock, he has just cum, my partner is behind and does not see him, I smile, he winks at me, responds to the smile, whispers < You're a great, beautiful slut, thank you ..... see you tomorrow!> Silent as he's gone, he's moving away. I feel satisfied, satisfied, I see him go away. I greet him with my hand then I turn to my partner, I take the wipes and wipe his cock and my pussy, then I curl up close. Great .... beautiful day .... and it's just the beginning ....

on the boat

Go boating, going out at sea at the beginning of the season is very pleasant, with few boats around it gives a sense of endless freedom and peace, the skin is still little tanned and being in the sun becomes an urgent need to get to show off a skin as black as possible as soon as possible ... my partner did not linger, as soon as he got off he took away everything and now and there he traffics between still and tops with his cock in the air and his firm and clear ass. ..I look around and unhook the bikini ... the slight breeze touches my tits, tickles the nipples, the skin is pulled and the sun finally kisses my body. I lie down and take off my underpants, spread my thighs and my pussy comes to life. What a cool ... naked and firm under a sun that also warms inside. He does the indifferent, but throws constantly glances, I know he was not expecting anything else. He leads me on purpose because he knows that then I wear naked legs open to the sun, I provoke him and he does not fail to caress my body, he likes to see the pips that become round and hard, my pussy that starts to let out a slight nod of damp .. continues with his things but I see that I do, his cock gets thick and stretches and the balls are pulled up ..... small details that do not escape me, I look at him with eyes narrowed and I move putting myself in sensual poses and without shame. It is not the first time that we are naked in the sun, it is what we try sometimes we let ourselves be taken by the excitement and ends up coming towards me and approaching the cock to my mouth, it breaks well and becomes very hard and big ... certainly I do not reject it sometimes I turn around and from the mouth goes to rub on my ass, it gets wide and as I lift them as soon as I do push it deep in the ass, he knows how to do, it lubricates me well with a saliva that seems made on purpose and then makes it skilful to the bottom. He does not move it much now he knows he has to push it in, down as far as he can, he pushes my uterus from behind while he wraps my hand around me and makes my pussy cringe .... I come .... several times I suck it in, the I tighten with the muscles of the asshole that then relax. The anus becomes wide and soft, almost a second pussy, I feel his balls warm from the sun, banging on my ass .... beautiful moments. Lonely ... in the sun, naked and horny, I feel it ... I want it all mine ... all inside. But today I see him struggling with things to fix, I want to make me touch but I feel distracted. He, made of soft and firm meat able to give me the maximum pleasure without hesitating, with that beautiful dick that hardens only to watch it .... what to do? I have to invent something, I can not miss this opportunity, my pussy calls, my ass wants his hot cum, I want him to mount me for hours .... I do not think of anything else, I look up and watch him, I like, now I jump on him and I aim for it.....(1th pt)

scopare all'aperto - pt 1
scopare all'aperto, è da provare credetemi! Da ragazzi non è stato sempre facile trovare un luogo dove poter vivere in pieno la sensualità del corpo che prorompente segue, di giorno in giorno, i cambiamenti delle fattezze di fanciulla portandola ad avere quel caleidoscopio di corpo dove ogni punto diventa erogeno. Quel corpo oltre ad assumere le forme di donna, dove iniziano a crescere le pocce, dove il culo diventa tondo e carnoso e l'insieme delle fattezze è un invito agli sguardi degli uomini, dove è impossibile toccare la figa senza sentire brividi di piacere....Da quel momento insieme all'interesse per l'altro sesso inizia la scoperta del piacere. La pelle stessa, sul viso, collo, fianchi, cosce, tette diventa sensibile al tocco delle mani...Allora come non buttarsi anima e corpo in questa nuova avventura? Il mio ragazzo è la fonte e il mezzo per avere piacere, è là dove io posso mettere in pratica ciò che sento di fare, toccarlo diventa frutto di scoperta, mettere gli occhi su quel cazzo, poi sfiorarlo, esplorarlo nelle sue forme, sentire e vedere come cresce tra le mani, pieno di voglia e di sborra. Toccarlo provoca un fiume di umore dalla figa, la senti diventare bollente, si gonfia carnosa e aspetta che una mano scivoli tra le labbra a cercare quel clitoride voglie di un piacere oso. E' sempre stato lì ma ora è lui che comanda, d'improvviso è diventato la fonte di un piacere immenso, inarrestabile, interminabile, capace di scuotere il mio corpo tante di quelle volte da lasciarmi in una nuvola di leggero, colorato e profumato piacere.......(continua)
sleepless night

 Something, a noise or him that moved and I got out of sleep, maybe the fresh morning air through the window brushed my body not very covered by the sheet and I was there to try to get some sleep again. Soon ... I would like to sleep yet but I can not, my mind becomes conscious and jump here and there between things to do and more ..... I cover it better, turning me into bed, approaching me His body, I curl up and instinctively shake the thigh muscles, here it is ..... she also wakes up, I count the anus muscles, my cunt appreciates the movement and a slight pleasure spreads inside, I continue to pull. It's nice ... I notice having an open hand resting on my tongue, moving my fingertips on the nipple, reading but enough to make it harden and resize, my tits respond well and begin to get tired and round. What happens? This is certainly not the way to sleep again, the hormones awaken my body more and more, the heat of my he does the rest, I look at the hour .... 5.12 ... I close my eyes and see the light of Morning that creeps between the cracks .... I'm more than waking up now, but I do not want to. I try not to think about the slight feeling of dampness between my thighs, I'm not a mistress of myself ... it is she who commands me now, she woke me up, that narrow and warm passer I find. He let me out of sleep to give her a straight, in fact no purpose for a couple of days, nor did I have time to massage her a bit ... too many distractions and things to do. And now she calls, the hand comes down and gets there in the middle, the support on the trigger and I push, like the thunder of a thunder, pleasure explodes, this time it takes me full and climbs along the back, pervades the mind and hand begins the work so expert, fantastic, sweet feeling. The ass contracts and gives even more pleasure, I am now slave of the two holes that now accomplices use me for their pleasure. I do not think about the fuck .... it's not right now ... I like it with sweet and wise movements ... I melt in pleasure and my breath gets slow and deep ... my mind wanders between images and memories .. As a flash appears for a moment the figure of a cock, not hard but fleshy, with the naked chapel leaning on the thigh, I do not know if it is ready to swell as a cobra in the act of shooting or now empty from the sperm just released. It's a quick shot, among other innocents. Where did I see it? It does not matter ... now I'm too wet, I have to do something ... I decide to count on my own, I could wake up my partner, I know how to do it, just touch it in the right place ;-)! But I do not ... I want to enjoy my mind and make me three-fingered, the hand goes up and down. I imagine me stretched out on a hot, warm male body, my hand is her thigh along which I move my open legs, rub a soup and boil pussy, while the painful nipples touch her chest. It's too early for the fuck, I like it so, I want to pull it up to spasm, because I know that then orgasm will be an uncontrollable up going. I better stretch my legs and leap over the body I imagine him ready to be mine. I do not see it .. I've got how much his cock is hard now, my thigh has alerted me well. I am above him ... it would be hard enough to slip down and get him inside. The hand is getting faster and faster, now we have ... it is impossible to hold back. It is now decisive I feel it resting on pussy, she moves, calls me, she wants me, it's time! I take it all right, up to the balls, the mind explodes, the body enjoys the best, pussy was waiting for nothing else, pleasure, only immense pleasure, mind and pussy master of the world. Mind and pussy make me what I like most ..... !!!!!!!

moglie arrapata, parte 2

  mi alzo e mi avvicino per prenderla, la tiro verso la bitta e l'annodo, lui è in piedi, mi volge le spalle, a gambe larghe per stare in equilibrio e là vedo le sue palle tonde e grosse .....allungo una mano, impossibile resistere, sfioro le sue chiappe di proposito e in un attimo ho tutto il suo cazzo in mano, senza stringere gli solleticole palle, si ritraggono subito, le sento muoversi tra le dita, lui si blocca e allarga di più, il suo cazzo ha un singulto, ...è mio !!!! Lo prendo per i fianchi e lo giro suo cazzo e davanti al mio viso, le sue dita lasciano la corda e entrano tra i miei capelli...osservo il cazzo che si rizza sempre più ....quant'è bello e grosso, la cappella ormai enorme scompare nella mia bocca mentre la solletico con la lingua, lo lecco ...avida lo stringo e lo scappello, massaggio le palle e lo ingoio tutto, non facile, lo sento entrare giù nella gola lui mugola e lo spinge, ma è bravo a non insistere troppo, mi lascia fare ...sento un rivolo caldo che cola tra le mie gambe. E' troppo che aspetto e ho la figa in fiamme, ormai non c'è scampo per lui e me lo godo. Lo porterò al massimo della voglia, mentre lo lavoro con la bocca la mia mano scorre piano piano tra le sue chiappe,  ha capito e stringe la mia testa, so quello che vuole, il mio dito si insinua a cercare il suo buco del culo, lo sfioro e lo accarezzo poi lo bagno con l'umore della mia figa e glielo infilo dentro. Geme, con il cazzo spaventosamente grosso...stringe e rilascia lo sfintere attorno al mio dito, ne vuole due....poi tre....sono dentro di lui. E' ora! Mi butto sui cuscini a gambe larghe, non c'è tempo di farmi leccare anche se a lui piace affondare il naso nella figa mentre mi slinguetta l'ano...vieni ...lo tiro verso di me, lo sento sulla figa, preme, spinge, si fa largo tra le labbra roventi, quant'è grosso!!lo prendo per le chiappe e lo tiro dentro...non sono più io, non c'è nulla attorno a me,  il piacere è enorme, mi sbatte il cazzo dentro prima piano e profondo poi aumenta il ritmo, la mia figa esplode, lui non si ferma, rallenta tra un orgasmo e l'altro vengo una, due...tre volte, ho il respiro veloce e profondo, lo stringo a me, sento i suoi muscoli e la mano che allarga le mie chiappe, vuole il mio culo! Lo voglio nel culo, < scopami, trombami nel culo, sborrami dentro> < girati, ti voglio inculare a pecora>non me lo faccio ripetere, mi arrapa farmi montare così, mi allarga il culo e sento la sua lingua che entra dentro, la muove veloce e mi fa impazzire, stordita dal piacere non aspetto altro che il suo cazzo, Ahhh, in un colpo è dentro e mi tromba come un forsennato, lo incito mugolando in mezzo a quel mare azzurro, sotto un sole caldo e complice. L'odore del mare, del suo corpo, il profumo della mia figa mi eccitano ancor di più. Sbattimi, sbattimi....godo ancora più di una volta, complice la sua mano che titilla il clitoride talmente eccitato che sembra un piccolo cazzo....eccolo, aumenta il ritmo....sta per venire, io allargo ancora di più il culo, lo voglio tutto. Quando sta per schizzare rallenta, stimola il suo uccello muovendo la cappella dentro e fuori .poi esplode. Sento gli spasmi, per ognuno un getto caldo mi riempe il culo, poi lo spinge dentro fino alle palle, ora tocca a me, lascio che la sborra mi penetri e stringo il suo cazzo. Non voglio che esce, mi stendo piano, con lui dentro, si adagia su di me, sento quel vento fresco sulla pelle, il dondolio dell'onda...mi bacia dolcemente sul collo, mi dice... < sei così arrapante e troia quel tanto che basta per fare del sesso un gioco da sballo>....Rispondo < ti voglio così! arrapato, grosso e duro, caldo e porco quanto basta per darti tutto di me> Sfila il suo cazzo dal mio culo, lentamente, un rivolo di sborra calda scivola fuori, allungo la mano tra le gambe, mi bagno le dita e succhio quel misto di me e lui....voglio sentire quel sapore per ore. Mi giro e mi sollevo dal bordo della barca. CAZZO!  Un canoista è vicino a noi, abbronzatissimo, fermo, con ancora la sua mano sul suo cazzo, ha appena sborrato, il mio compagno è di spalle e non lo vede, sorrido, lui mi fa l'occhiolino, risponde al sorriso, sussurra < sei una grande magnifica troia, grazie.....a domani!> silenzioso come è arrivato si allontana. Mi sento appagata, soddisfatta, lo vedo allontanarsi. Lo saluto con la mano poi mi giro verso il mio compagno, prendo le salviette e asciugo il suo cazzo e la mia figa, poi mi accoccolo vicino. Grande....bellissima giornata....ed è solo l'inizio....

couple85 said:
tres joli profil et merci pour vos com bisous
couple85 said:
merci a vous pour vos commentaires bisous Laura&Micka
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grazie per il commento....
quizz56 said:
La biancheria fa parte del gioco, la seduzione e L'intrigo
si alimentano anche con quello che vedono o immaginano :-))
suzza said:
Fai bene a raccontare i tuoi segreti....bellissimi sarebbero se ne
metessi altri!!! Baci....
fisters said:
ciao bellissimi grazie per avermi aggiunto
federicoba61 said:
video fantastici. di dove siete?
gislainebernard said:
mixy said:
Non ho parole. Meraviglioso e..... quante seghe
finejob said:
Thanks for your comment on my video
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