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afctripod informazioni personali

  United Kingdom
  • afctripod

  • Occupazione: Brickie
  • Interessi:
  • Sesso: Coppia eterosessuale
  • Data di nascita: Novembre 1961
  • Gruppo etnico: Bianco
  • Situazione personale: Relazione aperta
  • Attitudini sessuali: Eterosessuale
  • Fumatore/fumatrice: No
  • Altezza: 176 cm 5 ft 9 in
  • Corporatura: Corporatura media


47 and enjoying life

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 - Anal
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  •  04/01/16
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 - Dogging
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  •  04/01/16
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 - Tit Play
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  •  04/01/16
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 - Dogging tonight
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  •  07/05/15
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  •  12/11/14
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Dogging BJ and Spitting.

Just had a blow Job in my car.....

I have been chatting to a couple of women on Badoo for a few weeks, one of them Sue ( not her real name) asked to meet for a coffee.

 She lived fairly close by and I liked her photo so it seemed like a good idea. She is Brazilian, 40 years old and divorced has blond shoulder length hair and as I was to find out 5ft tall and with a great figure.

I picked her up outside her flat, as she walked to the car i could not belive my luck, very pretty in a short skirt and low top showing lovely tits, oh and very high wedge shoes.

She got into the car saod hello and leaned over for a quick kiss, I asked her where she wanted to go for coffee, in very broken English she said anywhere. It turned out her English was very poor at this point I had a brain wave. We ended up at the South Bank in London, because 1. it has free internet 2. a nice cafe and 3. an underground car park.

After finding a seat in the cafe, we ordered some coffee and cake, I then set up my laptop and for the next hour we chatted using Google Translate, slow but oddly great fun.

She told me that she had to go to get back to her *****, so we headed back to the car.

I had cleverly parked in a darkish corner of the garage, when we got into the car I looked at her leaned over and kissed her soft lips, she respond and we were up and running. after a couple on minutes she took my right hand a placed in on her boob, I quickly slid in under her bra to feel her very hard nipple, as I gently pulled and stroked her nip, she undid my shirt leaned over an licked my nipple, this i loved the next bit when she bit me made me yelp, but then she went back to licking and sucking. Her left hand dropped to my crutch and started rubbing my hard cock through my trousers. I removed my hand and undid my belt and zip to allow her easy access, with no hesitation she pulled my trousers apart and puleed my cock free from my pants, her tongue started to lick my helmet going around and around till finally she sucked me into her warm mouth.

As she was almost laying across mye and being small she was entierly on the passenger seat , I slid my left hand around so I could pull her skirt up, she was wearing a blue G string, I slid my hand under and down to her pussy, her pusyy lips were very wet, so I had no trouble in pushing a finger deep into that warm wet and tight  pussy, she pushed back onto my hand so i inserted another finger in to her, she pushed back even harder moving her arse up and down as my fingers moved in and out and along to her hard clit before gouing back inside her, I but my right hand back onto her nipple and pinched and tugged hard which she seemed to like.

Sue was still sucking and licking on my hard cock, she held the shaft in one hand and gently played with my balls with the other, I felt myself start to cum, she pulled away untill the feeling had gone and went back down.

Her pussy was sopping at this point, her pushing and thrusting became quicker and faster, she stopped sucking me and I heard her moan as she started to cum, her pussy gripped my fingers very tightly, I could feel the wetness increase as she came, with a final shudder she said thank you and went back down on me.

I wanted to cum and told her, she sucked me right in to her mouth, her tongue licking and her fingers still rubbing my balls, this time there was no stopping me. As I started to cum she pulled har head back so she had my helmet just inside her lips, I imagined my hot salty cum shooting across her tongue, 3 big spurts and a couple of small ones.

She lifted her head and as she looked a me a large dollop of spunk fell from her mouth onto my car seat, she sat up and let the rest dribble down her chin and onto her tits. Wow.

She cleaned her self up we kissed and I drove ger home.

In the morning when I gotinto the car to go to work I noticed the cum stain on my seat, a nice reminder of a great blowjob.

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